I like to Netflix documentaries (a true sign that your business has made it is when it’s name turns into a verb). The beauty of the service is that I get exposed to stuff I probably wouldn’t normally. Dark Days is one of those. Because I watch documentaries, good ones are recommended. The only thing that frustrates me is how late I seem to be on alot of them. I felt the same way after finding More. “How the hell did I miss this?!,” I continue to ask. Dark Days came out in 2000 and won three Sundance awards.

The movie follows a group of underground dwellers in New York City. Not underground in the sense of not mainstream (but that too). Physically and actually underground. People who live under the city in Amtrak tunnels. The film is the work of Marc Singer, who lived and worked in the tunnel with the homeless for months before getting starting on filming and eventually lived with them for over 2 years. I’d share more about how the film was actually made, but it would spoil what I think is the best part of the story. You have to look at the “making of” added feature if you watch it. Stunning. Thought provoking. Ultimately hopeful. Whatever your politics, this is a story worth seeing.


First ten minutes: