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In a rare and fictional midnight ceremony, Jeff Coryell was anointed with the coveted green Hickmania™ jacket for protecting the integrity of the Ohio blogosphere by banning disruptive commenter and wannabe blogger David B. Hickman Jr.

Russell Hughlock, one of the original spurned by said David Hickman was on hand to award the latest “H” emblazoned green jacket to Coryell. Hughlock and Coryell were both unavailable for comment at blogtime.

Past jacket winners

  • Tim Russo – Democracy Guy and BuckeyePolitics (aka pervertMonsterBoy)
  • Eric Vessels – Plunderbund (aka PlunderDUMB, aka High Plains Drifter, aka Buddha belly boy, aka…)
  • Scott Piepho – Pho’s Akron Pages (aka MommyDaddy)
  • Jerid Kurtz – BuckeyeStateBlog (aka fratboy, aka BSblogger, aka grabass, aka bashNban, aka…)
  • Jason Haas – Psychobilly Democrat (aka redhorse)
  • Jill Miller Zimon – WritesLikeSheTalks (aka PepperPike Soccer Mommy)
  • George Nemeth – Brewed Fresh Daily (aka sushi boy)
  • Jeff Hess – HaveCoffeeWillWrite (aka associationBYguilt)
  • Brian Rothenberg (aka Mr. Moneybags Tie Wearing PseduoProgressiveLOL)
  • Dave Harding (aka Sellout Jr.)
  • Lorraine Bieber (aka purtygrlNiceLOL)

Honorary Members of the Hickmania Society

  • Bryan Clark (aka big boi)
  • Peter Koltak (aka 2010Buckeye, aka UABoy)
  • Todd Hoffman (aka LieandEarn)
  • Anthony Fossaceca (aka MeetupSchmeetup)
  • Susan Meara (aka LowFormPoliHackLOL)
  • Veronica Johnson (aka LowFormPoliHackv2LOL)
  • Marian Harris (aka DFASchmeeFA)
  • Scott Nunnery (aka FuckScott)
  • Karen Gasper (aka FuckKarenToo)
  • Ambercat (aka uh…)
  • Joseph at Plunderbund (aka PlunderMonkey Junkie)
  • Keith – Bad American (aka pending)

Honorable Mention

  • Cindy Zawadzki – Once banned Dave, but has since been learning the fine art of Hickmania redaction
  • Use comments for updates/corrections – we should all strive to keep the society policed and the public at large informed of the dangers to the blogosphere.

    Update: It has come to my attention that there were some oversights here. For one, both Brian, Dave, and Lorraine all get jackets because PO has indeed banned Dave. Jeff Hess is also a jacket holder having claimed banishment from not one, but TWO blogs. Ambercat has been added as an honorary member by her willingness to do so in the comments. Corrections duly noted.

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  • AmberCat

    What do I have to do to get Hickman to attack me? After his little screed about Rootscamp last year (“I have issues with 25% of the people attending”), it doesn’t seem too hard. How do I join the club????

  • Shalom Amber,

    Where’s my coat?

    I’ve banned Hickman from two blogs.



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  • Amber:
    Don’t feel too bad. Apparently I don’t rate enough for him to liven up my already ban-crazy blog. I too live for the day when I’ll be able to tell Hickman to bugger off. Until that day, however, I’ll just have to keep plugging away and banning lesser mortals. Eric, what would it take? Should I start a thread: Kirk, Picard or Janeway: who was the better commander? Would that be like red meat to the dog pound?

  • #1 and 2: Welcome!

    #4: Your particular subject line is liable to garner more interest from the Starfleet Commander over at WMD.

    Here are three options that based on my experience just might work:

    1. “Voting Problems in Ohio Lowest in 2 Decades”
    2. “Chris Redfern is Committed to the Progressive Movement in Ohio”
    3. “10 Reasons I Respect the Blog Plunderbund”

    …that should flush him pretty well.

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  • I still think Hickman’s channelling for Uncle Billy Burroughs. How do you tell deranged from inspired?

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