If you’ve visited OhioDailyBlog lately (and you should daily – it’s not called that for nothing you know!), you will have noticed an insane amount of Hickmania™ in the comments there. Apparently it was too much to bear and was dragging down another great Ohio political blog and it looks like Dave Hickman – or David B. Hickman Jr. has been banned and all of his past voluminous disjointed comments have been pulled from the site.

Kudos to the staff of ODB for finally figuring out the toxic nature and unscrupulous methods of one David B. Hickman Jr.

Maybe now Dave will finally get a blog for his screeds. I’m sure we’d all love to ignore it! (too bad hickmania.com is already taken. that’s a bummer)

PS – One of the other Plunderbunders called me a Hickman hater. I need to make one thing very clear. I love Dave Hickman. I think next to Hughlock he’s the best thing that ever happened to the Ohio blogosphere. Absolute comic gold. Gold I say Jerry! Without David B. Hickman Jr. I probably would have stopped this blogging thing long ago. So no. I’m not a hater. I loves me some Hickmania