If you’ve visited OhioDailyBlog lately (and you should daily – it’s not called that for nothing you know!), you will have noticed an insane amount of Hickmania™ in the comments there. Apparently it was too much to bear and was dragging down another great Ohio political blog and it looks like Dave Hickman – or David B. Hickman Jr. has been banned and all of his past voluminous disjointed comments have been pulled from the site.

Kudos to the staff of ODB for finally figuring out the toxic nature and unscrupulous methods of one David B. Hickman Jr.

Maybe now Dave will finally get a blog for his screeds. I’m sure we’d all love to ignore it! (too bad hickmania.com is already taken. that’s a bummer)

PS – One of the other Plunderbunders called me a Hickman hater. I need to make one thing very clear. I love Dave Hickman. I think next to Hughlock he’s the best thing that ever happened to the Ohio blogosphere. Absolute comic gold. Gold I say Jerry! Without David B. Hickman Jr. I probably would have stopped this blogging thing long ago. So no. I’m not a hater. I loves me some Hickmania

  • Generally I am against editing or removing comments, but this is a special case.

    For anyone unfamiliar with the type of random, rambling crap that is getting removed/banned, here is an example:

    “hijack” ? How bout outing yourself instead of being “Anonymous”
    David B Hickman Jr Nov 26, 2007 –

    As “Anonymous” You can write all day long and say whatever you want (even if it isn’t true or real) without repercussions. I put my REAL name with words I write and thus suffer any consequences whether deserved or not.

    What the Hell do you have on the line by blabbing out unsubstantiated hollow words that mean nothing? I do not NEED to administer a blog to make comments in the Ohiosphere. Anyone who says otherwise is misguided.

    If me adding my opinions to the dialogue actually was a hijacking, then hundreds of others should be regularly accused of similar offenses.

    So, should we hold back our comments and self-censor for the inappropriate fear of creating controversy or should we do like Jerid Kurtz, who killed a once mighty “Buckeye State Blog” by figuratively turning it into “The BS Blog” because of his narcissistic posting of photos of himself AND one too many “bash and ban” censorship abominations against anything resembling free speech?

    When it comes to restricting free speech, I will NEVER be “Anonymous” in my opposition AND I will do everything in my power to out the person violating free speech AND I will use ANY means at my disposal.

    Whether people realize it or not, it takes strong conviction and very thick skin to stand-up to this sort of Ohiosphere BS antics and censorship.

    Take Paul Ackerman for example. He certainly is not a hijacker. But, Ackerman recently kicked Jerid Kurtz and his “BS Blog” to the curb which was an especially admirable and bold move when considering what Ackerman just announced.

    “OH House-21: Ackerman (D) Announces Bid”

    I guess Ackerman decided it was best to distance himself from Jerid Kurtz’ “Bash & Ban BS” and self photo posting narcissism. Jerid’s unacceptable behavior has been diminishing the BS Blog and caused it to drop-out of Ohio’s Top 20 Influencial Blogs list even though The BS Blog used to rank #1 or #2 when Russell Hughlock moderated the blog as “staff” and/or “Pounder.”

    Do you want me to call the Wahmbulance Jerid ?

    I personally believe it is worth at least a $50.00 donation to Ackerman’s campaign just because we can all see that the Jerid Kurtz’ BS Blog has been missing from the Top 20 two weeks in a row!!!

    I’m lovin’ it !! Thanks Paul !!

    Of course the anonymous “hijack” slam against me could have come from somebody like Plunder_DUMB Eric Vessels (of buddha belly dancin’ and boxin’ “high” plains drifter shoot ’em up and nirvana yoga fame) and/or one of his Spunky “Plunder Monkey” Junkies.

    Maybe it was “Spunky Junkie” Lorraine Bieber, who has been one of Vessels’ FAVORITE young “Plunder Monkeys”

    Like Vessels, Lorraine was hired by Progress Ohio as their latest “Spunky Junkie” cheerleader/office helper, one of several who have came and went at this high turnover so-called “progressive” organization.

    Regardless, few of us will ever know the true identity of the “hijack” commenter as long as people like this keep spewing “Anonymous” comments and other crapola.

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    THIS REPORT BY JERUSALEM POST WAS CENSORED TWICE @ http://www.progressohio.org My account was stripped like all the 200 post and 50 plus commentsI put up. No warning and no reason given for my removal, even after asking many times and many different people. Free speech died here March 3rd. Thanks alot, James Ruggiero Ps I will be back, I am not going away! Amnesty rips IDF for ‘reckless disregard of life’ in Gaza By JONNY PAUL, JERUSALEM POST CORRESPONDENT – LONDON The London-based human rights organization Amnesty International has condemned Israel’s attacks on Gaza, claiming they are “being carried out with reckless disregard for civilian life.” http://www.jpost.com

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