2b.jpgJerid takes Mark Dann to task for souring his 2006 Election Night memories. It is well deserved. I’ve not commented on any of the Dann stuff for a very simple reason. I’m not going to give Dann any cover on any of this. Some have tried to do just that, but it seems hopeless. Since becoming AG, Dann has attempted to do some really good things and I support pretty much all of it. Problem is it has been completely overshadowed by the political Keystone Cops routine. The last straw was pimping out a ride with flames and a Sunshine logo. You can justify it to yourself with in-house labor and the fact that the logo is in support of good policy things Dann is tryin to do all you want. I’m sure they did just that down at the top cop’s office. Here’s what you guys need to do now:

Cut the fucking shit out.


The fact that you got elected precisely because of 16 years of corrupt governing by the GOP should have been a clue. You and your team are acting absolutely politically tone deaf right about now. You are letting not just us bloggers down, you are letting the party that hand picked you to run the AG’s office properly down. It’s time to knock it off. Take a cold hard look at it and knock it off.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. A good deal of the criticism is unfair and overblown. The GOP is unfair in alot of their continuing criticism to be sure, but they aren’t dumb either. They know a weak link when they see one and understand how to leverage small slip ups and make them huge deals politically. Of course nothing you’ve done even comes close to what you were elected to replace. None of that matters. You and I both know this…and so should your team. You should act as though the margin for error is precisely zero – because it is. Don’t make us have a full on intervention. That could get ugly.

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