From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If you’ve visited OhioDailyBlog lately (and you should daily – it’s not called that for nothing you know!), you will have noticed an insane amount of Hickmania™ in the comments there. Apparently it was too much to bear and was dragging down another great Ohio political blog and it looks like Dave Hickman – or David B. Hickman Jr. has been banned and all of his past voluminous disjointed comments have been pulled from the site.

Kudos to the staff of ODB for finally figuring out the toxic nature and unscrupulous methods of one David B. Hickman […]

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So Republican Senator Trent Lott announced that he intends to resign his seat before the end of the year.

And rumors are flying as to his reasons.

Big Head DC claims it’s because he has been outed by a gay prostitute named Benjamin Nicholas. Benjamin Nicholas has denied the rumor.

Jerid over at BSB is spreading a similiar rumor– but this one involves an “investigation” by Larry Flint.

Personally, I believe is much closer to the truth when they suggest that Lott, a longtime opponent of lobbying reform, is quitting the senate because of a […]

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The dispatch’s Daily Briefing has pointed out a great option for the centrally-located but almost-dead City Center Mall: A CASINO!

But Mayor Mike Coleman killed the option before it even got out of the idea phase.

Supposedly, Mayor Mike Coleman was in Detroit today for a meeting with the leaders of other cities to discuss the foreclosure crisis. The meeting took place at the newly-opened MGM Grand Detroit.

The Casino/Hotel, which has taken in $54.9 million since its opening on Oct. 3, “features 18 floors of hotel rooms — the bathrooms have TVs — and 100,000 square feet […]

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Hillary Watches Chick Shows

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According to a UPI story TV Guide’s next issue is going to cover the favorite TV shows of the presidential candidates.

Some of the choices are pretty obvious, like John McCain watching “Prison Break” because it reminds him of trying to break out of his prison cell in Vietnam.

Or the famous lawyer John Edwards being a fan of “Boston Legal”.

Or Hillary Clinton admitting she loves to watch a bunch of, well, programs aimed at a very female demographic, like HGTV makeover shows, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “American Idol”.

Funny thing, though, she didn’t mention […]

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A Balkanized US?

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In an interesting intellectual exercise, Matthew White imagined how North America would have looked if separatist movements had succeeded rather than failed in the history of North America… starting with a 1787 fire killing many of the Constitutional Convention. Instead of 3 countries, we could have had 19. StrangeMaps has the tale… and the map.

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Does anyone else find it kind of INSANE that George Bush is hosting a Middle East Peace Conference in Maryland while the US still has 175,000 troops deployed IN THE MIDDLE EAST fighting Bush’s war in Iraq?

A war that has killed somewhere between 100,000 and 600,000 Iraqi (i.e. Middle Eastern) CIVILIANS?

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This is so amazing, the goalkeeper never even moved an inch.

Futsal is a sport made with Brazilians in mind. (Tho I think this guy was Italian.)

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Ohio polluters

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Did you ever wonder about who the big polluters are in Ohio? Well, the EPA has provided an easy way to visualize that data in Google Earth. For example, I downloaded the Ohio data for NOx emissions (in tons) and took two images of Ohio, one statewide and another focusing on Franklin County. NOx might not be the most interesting thing to track, but it’ll do for demonstration purposes.

First, statewide:

You’ll note that most of Ohio’s polluters (of NOx, anyway) are power generation plants. The higher the line, the more […]

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Jerid takes Mark Dann to task for souring his 2006 Election Night memories. It is well deserved. I’ve not commented on any of the Dann stuff for a very simple reason. I’m not going to give Dann any cover on any of this. Some have tried to do just that, but it seems hopeless. Since becoming AG, Dann has attempted to do some really good things and I support pretty much all of it. Problem is it has been completely overshadowed by the political Keystone Cops routine. The last straw was pimping out a ride with flames and a […]

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Fox News Porn (Video)

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