One of the common memes I read on pro-gun websites is the overwhelming need to protect one’s self and family from violent home invaders intent on killing you and your family.

Well, in New York City – population 8 million – they are on track to have fewer than 500 homicides, and if trends hold just seventy homicides perpetrated by those unknown to the victim. That’s a measly 14% of all homicides that would qualify as “random acts of violence”, and it means that 0.000875% of NYC citizens were murdered by a random attack this year. What’s more, you can reduce your odds of being a victim of a “random” crime by avoiding risky situations and behavior, including protecting your home from being selected for invasion.

You are actually more likely to be killed by a fire than by a stranger. Even if your home is invaded by an armed thief, it’s unlikely to result in murder. So test your smoke alarms! (And lock your windows and doors too, just in case.)

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