Even though everyone knows he was a drunk and did coke, George Bush has never admitted to his alcoholism or cocaine abuse.

Which pretty much sounds like Bush’s whole political career: one mistake after another without ever admitting fault.

America is sick of his bravado and his lies. America is ready for something different.

So when you hear about a presidential candidate actually being HONEST about his youthful indiscretion, it’s really pretty refreshing.

And that’s exactly what Barack Obama did this week- multiple times- when he admitted to smoking pot in highschool.

Thanks, Barack.

Thanks for being honest.

And when Senator Obama honestly answered the question about his marijuana use at a townhall meeting in Audubon, Iowa this weekend the audience didn’t boo and hiss him off the stage. They didn’t call him horrible names and they didn’t cover their children’s ears.

They clapped and they laughed.

They applauded his honesty and found humor in his response because, I assume, they also made mistakes when they were young.

And they know that smart people learn from those mistakes.