There is a great deal that I’m thankful for as I sit here preparing my family to join with other family members and visit, eat, and watch football. Here is a short list of the things one progressive blogger is thankful for as it relates to this political blogging thing:

Joseph and Brian – These two have continuously kept something that I started nearly 2 years ago going strong and have added two distinct voices to the PlunderChorus. Thanks guys!

ProgressOhio – I didn’t do much to make it what it is, but I did help get it off the ground. I’m extremely thankful that there is a strong progressive voice and an organization dedicated to countering right-wing misinformation. We need it here in Ohio. Thanks gang!

America Votes Ohio – I got an email from a friend over 2 years ago now about a meeting in Delaware of this group. This is where I first met Scott Nunnery and was really the first thing that made me want to get more involved in politics. Seeing that many progressives in a room in Delaware gave me hope. I now consider Scott and Karen along with many other AV peeps friends. Thanks guys.

Ohio blogosphere – There are too many to name by names, but you know who you are. I continue to be inspired by you all to write, work, and advocate for progressive positions. I wish I had time to flesh out a list. Thanks all!

Hit the comments with things you are thankful for and enjoy the day with your family and friends. Peace, love, and thanks to all!