From the daily archives: Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving PlunderThanks!

On November 22, 2007 By

There is a great deal that I’m thankful for as I sit here preparing my family to join with other family members and visit, eat, and watch football. Here is a short list of the things one progressive blogger is thankful for as it relates to this political blogging thing:

Joseph and Brian – These two have continuously kept something that I started nearly 2 years ago going strong and have added two distinct voices to the PlunderChorus. Thanks guys!

ProgressOhio – I didn’t do much to make it what it is, but I did help get it […]

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Aren’t You A Progressive? (Video)

On November 22, 2007 By

Video 4 in our weeklong progressive series.

Video 1: Progressive. And Proud Of It!

Video 2: That’s Progressive. That’s You!

Video 3: Aren’t You A Progressive?

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