Everytime I end up over at BuckeyeInstitute.org I find they are trying to push themeselves as a non-partisan organization- which we all know just isn’t true.

I suppose they think that if people really believe they are a non-partisan organization then people might actually believe their so-called “research” is not just skewed, right-leaning, partisan propaganda.

So today I saw this litle gem:

“We are committed to public policy research and advocacy without regard to politics. We cooperate with elected officials without consideration to political party.

Can anyone provide me with one example of the Buckeye Institute working with Democrats on anything?

Just one example?

I didn’t think so.

But I can find lots of examples of choices they made WITH consideration to political party. Specifically- their hiring choices.

Not only do they have Ken Blackwell- one of the most conservative REPUBLICANS in Ohio on their staff. But they also picked up the rest of Blackwell’s people- and a bunch of other GOP-affiliated staff for their own organzation…

Carlo LoParo
Vice President for Communications for the Buckeye Institute

Experience: spent 12 years working for Ken Blackwell (R) while he was Secretary of State and Treasurer. Also served as Ken’s press secretary during his failed 2006 run for governor.

Jenna McNulty
Director of Development for the Buckeye Institute

Experienced Republican fundraiser. Raised money for Ken Blackwell, Jim Petro and George Voinovich.

Marc Kilmer
Research Associate for the Buckeye Institute

Former Legislative Assistant to disgraced Republican Senator Larry Craig from Idaho.

See what I mean? Not a Democrat in the bunch.