I love auctions! I only wish I was going to be in town this weekend to attend the next State of Ohio Warehouse Auction which will be held this Saturday, November 24, 2007 here in Columbus.

According to the DAS website:

The State of Ohio periodically declares a large variety of articles to be surplus to their needs and commissions them to be sold to the highest bidder. Organizations, individuals and the general public are encouraged to attend this great offering of many usable items.

The list of “usable items” being auctioned off includes Office Furniture (e.g. Conference Tables, White Boards), Electronic Equipment (e.g. Paper Shedders, LCD Projectors), Computer Equipment (e.g. Laptops, Monitor) and my favorite category: Miscellaneous Items.

The list of ‘miscellaneous items’ includes all kind of random stuff like a Vegetable Peeling Machine, a Rowing Machine, Scuba Gear, a Ceramic Snowman, a Brass Elephant and, of course, “Lighters”.


So THAT’S what they do with all of the lighters they confiscate at the airport!