I really wanted to call out Ted Strickland after I read the first few paragraphs of this AP article posted today on Ohio.com.

According to the article, our governor recently signed an executive order that banned discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the (government) workplace.

The order forbid state agencies from offering a “rate of compensation” that was different for gay and straight employees. Which is, in my opinion, a pretty damn good idea.

Unfortunately, the concept of “rate of compensation” only applied to salary and did not include benefits.

Which, again in my opinion, seems like a pretty crappy idea. (I think every couple deserves ALL the same benefits.)

But, as I sat here reading the article and steaming about Ted, I came upon a quote in the same article by the gay-hating, christofascist asshat known as Phil Burress“- and suddenly Ted seemed like a hell of a good guy.

According to Phil, Ted Strickland is “very pro-homosexual, there’s no question about it.”

According to Phil, same-sex couples don’t deserve the same benefits as opposite-sex couples.

It seems that Phil, the former sex-addict turned wingnut activist, is creeped out by the whole gay couple thing and wants to make EVERYONE suffer.

Fortunately 54 percent of Ohioans (according to the same article) don’t give a crap if a candidate supports gay rights.

And so I ask the PD and the rest of Ohio’s MSM outlets to please, please, please stop quoting Phil Burress and the rest of the Ohio wingnut crew!

They don’t represent Ohioans. They REALLY don’t.

And when you quote them in nationally syndicated articles, it makes the rest of us look like assholes.