Wikipedia defines Public Safety as ?the protection of the general population from all manner of significant danger, injury, damage or harm, such as may occur in a natural disaster, and the prevention of the same.?

Notice that the definition does NOT say ?protection of the English speaking population? ? it says ?the general population” – i.e. everyone.

So when the Ohio Department of Public Safety looks to hire dispatchers and customer service representatives- it certainly makes sense that they would search out people who can communicate with ALL Ohioans- not just those who have mastered the English language.

And, of course, that is exactly what they are doing.

According to an article in today’s Enquirer:

The BMV office at 10948 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, and the State Highway Patrol post in Lebanon listed jobs seeking applicants who “fluently speak & write a language(s) in addition to English.”

Not only does this make a lot of sense but it seems like it should be a requirement given the mission of the Department of Public Safety to protect all citizens.

If, for example, public safety operators can’t understand something like…

“?Ayuda! ?Mi hija cay? en una charca!” (Help! My daughter is drowning in the pool!)

… then the innocent children of parents who can’t speak English will continue to die in Ohio.

And, thanks to people like State Rep. Courtney Combs and his ?speak the language or get out of the country? friends, this might just become the standard operating procedure for state agencies.

Combs, a Real Estate Broker turned politician, has sponsored anti-immigrant legislation in the past- and plans to reintroduce it again next year. His legislation would force “all state and local governments in Ohio to conduct and print taxpayer business in English” and ONLY in English.

He is quoted in the Enquirer article saying “I will always believe the United States should be an English-speaking country. This type of thing drives wedges.”

You know what really drives wedges, Mr Combs?

Assholes like you.

Assholes like you drive wedges between state government and the people who actually live and work here- the people governement is suppose to serve.

Assholes like you drive wedges between state government and local government.

Assholes like you drive wedges between the (republican-controlled) state legislature and state agencies like ODPS- hindering their ability to do their job effectively.

You want to know what a wedge look like, Mr Combs?

Take a look in the mirror, you ignorant son of a bitch.