The Dispatch has another story today about Ohio’s shameful charter school system and over 30 charter schools found to be stealing money from Ohio’s taxpayers…

Would-be Ohio charter-school operators received a total of $2.55 million in state and federal “planning grants” to start 33 schools that never opened, state records show.

That’s nearly 10 percent of the 352 grants issued and doesn’t include planning money for schools that have opened and closed.

The Ohio Department of Education is trying to recoup $1.56 million from 19 schools that either misspent startup grants or could not document how the money was spent. About $3,600 has been repaid.

The department is halfway through an audit of every startup grant recipient that has received federal planning and implementation money in the past three years. The audit will be completed next summer, said Todd Hanes, executive director of the department’s Office of Community Schools.