This is hilarious. I will not make any jokes about the Dem. Party Chair being nicknamed “The Fern”. OK. Yes I will. LOL

The Edwards camp has set up a site – – that takes jabs at Hillary’s Bush-like tendency to have softballs tossed her way. You can even submit your own question and get on their email list! Good stuff. 😉

How to Spot a Hillary Plant Fieldguide is included:

1. Questions begin with “what is your superfantastic solution to…”

2. You see folks carrying a small binder of “Safe and Approved Questions for Hillary”

3. They’re wearing a “Questions are hard – so plant them” t-shirt

4. They get winks and high-fives from the Clinton staff after the question

5. You notice that someone is holding up cue cards in front of the person asking the question


Then they follow up the parsing video with planting: