Mike Huckabee’s wife was in South Carolina yesterday talking about her husband, her family and the campaign.

While answering a question about a Right to Life endorsement, Mrs. Huckabee said:

“You remember Jesus feeding the 5,000 with two fishes and five loaves. So, we’re multiplying our money. Every dollar spends like a thousand and every prayer we get is like a million bucks.”

Offended Christians across the country have called on Mike Huckabee to force his wife to apologize for her horrible, biggoted, anti-christian remarks.

Giuliani supporter Pat Robertson also issued a statement saying: “Governor, I talk with Jesus every day, I Know Jesus, Jesus is a friend of mine. Governor, you are no Jesus Christ.”

Ok… so that never really happened.

But if it did, it sure would have been stupid and childish and overtly political- kind like if Kevin Dewine got together with some of his wingnut Christian pals to attack Marc Dann for saying ?Jesus had it better on good friday.?