I talked yesterday about Bush’s veto of the spending bill for the Departments of Education, Labor, and Health and Human Services that would have funded education, job training programs and health care- including cancer research and veterans health care.

This morning I read an interesting article in the Associated Baptist Press about the ?reducing the need for abortions? initiative that was also included in the bill Bush vetoed.

The initiative would have increased funding for “pregnancy prevention, contraception and family support programs” by $618 million.

Ohio Rep Tim Ryan was a big supporter of the initiative.

?Our budget that we vote on here represents our values, and we?re saying loud and clear that the Democratic Party wants to reduce the need for abortion and put our money where our mouth is,? Ryan said. ?It?s a much different approach than in past years.?

Ryan is right on track with this.

Not only does the funding go help reduce unplanned pregnancies and abortions, it also offers help to mothers once their children are born.

The Democrats have presented a reasonable, well thought-out and comprehensive solution to the problem that doesn’t involved making doctors and young women into criminals.

No wonder Bush vetoed it.


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