I was going to write about this ridiculous non-story yesterday but it didn’t seem worth the effort.

The story is basically this: Kevin Dewine is whining that Marc Dann offended Christians and is calling for Dann to apologize.

Dann apparently sent an email to his communications director that contained the statement: “Jesus had it better on good friday.”

As we all know, Kevin is an obnoxious twit who regularly pushes stories like this out there hoping to make the dems look bad.

The last time it was a 13 year old kid.

This time it was Marc Dann.

Marc Dann, of course, didn’t respond. So Kevin went after the Governor asking Ted Strickland to “join him in calling on Dann for a public apology.”

Strickland spokesman Keith Dailey’s response is truly a classic one:

“The governor is focused on moving the state forward. The governor doesn’t have any time for Kevin DeWine