Talk about a couple of Dem Rockstars. What would a Gore-Obama ticket do? AdAge’s Bob Garfield thinks he knows:

If Barack Obama joined a Gore-Obama ticket and turned over his organization and war chest to Gore, they would sweep the primaries and be unbeatable next November. And Obama would become the odds-on favorite to succeed president Gore in 2012 or 2016.

I’m not so sure Obama himself couldn’t do the same. My favorite ticket has always been Edwards-Obama. I think Obama is hitting his stride and Hillary continues to take heat from all sides. The thought of Gore and Obama teaming up – as remote as it seems – would indeed be unstoppable. I’m not sure of the synergy between the activist camps, but the energy would be enough to cause brown-outs in small cities.

Talk among many of my blogger friends has been going on for some time about the ’08 prez race and one thing is clear. Most of those I’ve talked to do agree with Bob on this:

Any Democratic candidate for president can beat any Republican candidate

I think the inevitability arguments for Hillary are something the right desperately wants. What better situation could they be in than to dredge up all the old wounds and leverage them to full advantage as they disparage yet another Clinton? Honestly? It’s their only hope. The message of Barack Obama signals a new start. Is the age of unity and dialogue amongst political enemies in America even a possibility? Barack is the only one I think able to make us believe that.