Not content with simply giving Mike Huckabee his endorsement, Phil Burress (citizens for community values) and his wingnut pals in southern Ohio are hosting a fundraiser next week for the Former Arkansas Governor in Mason Ohio.

One of the events will be held at Mars Hill Academy a private, Classical Christian School with the following mission:

To glorify God by affirming God?s place at the center of all we think, say, and do, and thus, we affirm the God-centered nature of all creation.

According to the school’s website, “Every class is taught from the perspective of a historically Protestant Christian worldview.”

Now I know that Burress and his chirstofascist pals want everyone to go to a school like this- but Mike Huckabee is generally a more reasonable guy who, after admiting he didn’t believe in evolution, clarified his position by saying:

“We shouldn’t indoctrinate kids in school. I wouldn’t want them teaching creationism as if it’s the only thing that they should teach.”

I guess when it comes down to campaigning for the republican primary, cash and endorsements are more important than a consistent message.

And Huckabee is starting to prove that he is no different than the rest of the candidates.