From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 13, 2007, the group trying to bring a $600 million casino resort to Clinton County, submitted a petition for a proposed ballot issue to Attorney General Marc Dann’s office on Nov. 1st.

Today Marc Dann rejected the petition.

According to the Hannah News Service, the “1,391 petition signatures were valid. However, Dann rejected the petition based on proposed summary language.” The summary was, according to Dann, “not a fair and truthful statement of the proposed statute.”

Note to I’d really like to see a Casino here, boys- so please get your shit together.

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Bush acted on two spending bills today- signing a bill for the Pentagon and vetoing a bill for the Departments of Education, Labor, and Health and Human Services.

Bush called the vetoed bill ?wasteful spending? saying it “spends too much”. The bill would have funded education, job training programs and health care- including cancer research and veterans health care.

At $150 billion, the spending bill certainly wasn’t cheap. But the Pentagon spending bill cost THREE TIMES AS MUCH – a whopping $459 billion.

Senator Kennedy, always an outspoken critic of Bush’s failed foreign AND domestic policies, was quick to […]

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Not content with simply giving Mike Huckabee his endorsement, Phil Burress (citizens for community values) and his wingnut pals in southern Ohio are hosting a fundraiser next week for the Former Arkansas Governor in Mason Ohio.

One of the events will be held at Mars Hill Academy a private, Classical Christian School with the following mission:

To glorify God by affirming God?s place at the center of all we think, say, and do, and thus, we affirm the God-centered nature of all creation.

According to the school’s website, “Every class is taught from the perspective of a […]

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Club for Growth Picks On Regula

On November 13, 2007 By

When it comes to supporting GOP infighting, no one does a better job than the Club for Growth.

Today they posted a clip from a NY Times article on ?namesake projects? that starts with smack to Ohio Representative Ralph Regula…

Buried deep in the largest domestic spending bill of the year is money for a library and museum honoring first ladies. The $130,000 was requested by the local congressman, Representative Ralph Regula, Republican of Ohio. The library was founded by his wife, Mary A. Regula. The director of the library is his daughter, Martha A. Regula.

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In honor of our vets, a video demonstrating the proper technique for clearing a building of hostiles.

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I don’t even play video games or own a game console, but this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in some time. Hang in there. You’ll cry:

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