It seems Scott Pullins got something totally different out of the NYT article about Ohio’s failing charter schools.

Putting aside all of the facts and actual information in the article, Scott decided to publish an email he received from the Ohio Coalition of eSchool Families.

It’s seems they weren’t too happy with a quote from our governor that was included in the story.

Here’s the subject of that email:

Governor Strickland Calls Ohio Charter Schools “Shameful” and “Harmful”

The email urges readers to “STAND UP for our public charter schools” by writing to Strickland and to the New York Times to complain about the quote.

Here’s the quote to which they are refering:

“Perhaps somewhere, charter schools have been implemented in a defensible manner, where they have provided quality,” he said. “But the way they’ve been implemented in Ohio has been shameful. I think charter schools have been harmful, very harmful, to Ohio students.”

And here’s the truth:

Ted never said that charter schools are shameful. What he said was “the way they’ve been implemented in Ohio has been shameful.” And this is true.

Lawmakers SHOULD be ashamed of taking tax dollars away from public schools and giving them to FOR-PROFIT charter schools operated by guys like David Brennan who have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to their campaigns.