There is a a good piece in the The New York Times today covering the history of charter schools in Ohio and the recent battles between Democratic state leaders (Dann, Strickland) and Republicans in the legislature (Husted).

We already know that Husted and tons of other republican legislators received huge campaign contributions from for-profit charter school operator David Brennan.

But I still find it surprising that they have no shame about their obviously-biased support for one of their biggest campaign contributors.

For example, when asked about Marc Dann’s attempts to shut down failing charter schools, Husted responded:

“This is like suing the American Cancer Society just because they haven?t yet cured cancer.”

Actually, Mr. Husted, it’s nothing like that.

These failing charter schools suck much needed funding away from public schools while consistantly failing to meet the most basic requirements for teaching success.

They also reflect poorly on the good charter schools.

One could argue that, if these poorly performing charter schools are NOT closed, they could end up killing the charter school movement all together.

Much like, well, Cancer.