This has been a great year for GOP-on-GOP violence.

And, with Latta v Buehrer behind us, it’s time for the next round of Coughlin v Arshinkoff.

Kevin Coughlin released a post-election statement yesterday that was little more than an attack against Alex Arshinkoff.

I congratulate all the candidates who put themselves before the voters this fall and look forward to working with them to better our region and our communities.

As chairman of the Summit County Republican Party, Alex Arshinkoff has a record of 6 wins and 42 losses over the last four years. Tonight’s results did little to change that trend. While many consider him a clever campaigner, I have always questioned Chairman Arshinkoff’s tactical skills and knowledge of how elections are won. He is a strong fundraiser, but a poor field general.

I have been even more troubled that Chairman Arshinkoff’s poor standing in the community is an anchor weighing down capable candidates for office. Nothing illustrates the need for a new party chairman better than the defeat of John Widowfield for Clerk of Courts. Despite superior name identification, well over $100,000 spent, and an unknown opponent, Representative Widowfield suffered a loss that may have a lasting impact on his political future.

After this unfortunate outcome, I hope that Alex Arshinkoff finally realizes just how harmful he has become to Republican candidates and offieholders. When a party chairman becomes such a liability to the candidates of his own party, it’s time to move on.

Keep up the good work, boys.

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