I love a good political poll as much as the next guy. Especially when they show us winning back the whitehouse next year.

But, as a reminder of how wrong early polls can be, I present you with this little gem from January, 2006:

In dramatic results that could settle the Ohio GOP primary, the Wall Street Journal?s Zogby Poll today showed Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell leading Democrat Congressman Ted Strickland in a head to head general election survey by 4.5% (45.9% to 41.4%).

?This is conclusive evidence that Ken Blackwell is the best candidate to represent the GOP in the fall. It?s time to clear the field and prepare for November,? said Blackwell campaign manager Mike Hernon.

As we all know, the results of that election were very different than this poll indicated:

Ted Strickland: 60.4%
Ken Blackwell: 38.8%

  • Irrelevant. Pre-NAMBLA.

  • I’m also pretty sure Zogby was unaware that Blackwell had/would have the most incompetent campaign blogger in the history of Ohio politics. That one was a curve ball they didn’t see coming!

  • “… winning back the Whitehouse next year.” Let’s say it happens. The top priorities of a new administration (tax and domestic spending increases, more rigorous environmental regulations, paying soldiers to be peacekeepers, socializing medicine, controlling climate change, conducting middle east diplomacy) are too ambitious.

    The public will become rapidly disillusioned either by the slow pace of actual progress (Progressives) or, by horrendous missteps and waste (moderates). The days of Senate lawyers mollifying the public or critical journalists with simplistic oratory are past.

    Other than random opportunities to alter the composition of the Supreme Court, the halcyon days of Bill Clinton’s 2 terms are history, mainly because serious journalists will hold any new administration to higher standards for substance, accuracy and completeness than ever.

    There is an upside to my pessimism.
    Once antagonized, voters would return incumbents to office in lower numbers than modern history has witnessed. In my opinion, that sounds a death knell for the current domination of our government by the lawyer industry. So, I hope the ball does land in your court.

  • We’ve spent the past 7 years under the ‘leadership’ of a guy with a BA in History and an MBA from Harvard.

    Not a lawyer.

    And where did that get us?

    Though it does seem worth mentioning that in 1970 Bush applied to the University of Texas School of Law and was rejected.

  • Joseph, the presidency is moot this time around, precisely for the reasons you give; all viable candidates are lawyers.

    While my comment about returning incumbents after 2008 certainly applies to all branches, it is the congressional lawyers, particularly the self-serving majority of our Senate who must be turned out of office or retired.

  • So your point is that there are too many legislators and judges with a background in the law?

    It seems to me that understanding the law might be a pretty useful skill to the people who are responsible for making laws(Legislative Branch) and interpreting and applying those laws (Judicial Branch).

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