Dude needs to get another hobby. He blows at politics (as does the BizzyWhiz). Pullins, however, has appeared to have shaken off NAMBLA boy and become victor! Nice job, Scott. See ya in November?

Michael Coleman 55,070 70%
Bill Todd 24,346 30% (98% reporting)


Latta, Robert (R) 62.59% 12,923
Buehrer, Steve (R) 24.42% 5,042 (26% reporting)

Double yikes!


  • Here comes Buehrer! One more Naug Daug post oughta do it! Come on Steve!

    Latta, Robert (R) 46.42%
    Buehrer, Steve (R) 42.43%

  • Congratulations to the Coleman team. That was a pummeling Bill Todd won’t soon forget. Welcome to Columbus, Bill! See ya around…or not.

  • Latta, Robert (R) 43.43%
    Buehrer, Steve (R) 41.41%

    74% in

    If trends hold, wingnuts get their “true conservative” in this race by a slim margin. Latta numbers have been eroding since leading early. Can he hold on? This one will be interesting!

  • Latta, Robert (R) 43.40%
    Buehrer, Steve (R) 41.30%


    Slim Latta win? Too close to call!

  • Latta 44%
    Buehrer 40%


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