from ABC News:


A clear demand is for change; 75 percent want to see the next president lead the nation in a direction different from Bush’s. That compares to just 47 percent who held that view at this point in Bill Clinton’s presidency, 55 percent in Ronald Reagan’s. Even among Republicans, a bare majority wants a change in direction from Bush’s.

Couldn’t be clearer. The challenge is in not letting the GOP wipe the slate clean by putting up a fresh face and calling for “change”. Make them play the hand they dealt – and they’ve spent decades dealing it.

Note to Dems: You’re not there yet. Live up to your expectations or lose. It’s quite simple, really. Don’t bend on that which is obvious (torturing prisoners of war – no matter what the GOP spin machine might call them). America sees a dangerous executive and an opposing party unwilling to get tough and play hardball with them. Don’t dance around the issues, plow through them.

Oh, and hey! There are elections tomorrow. Not much going on up here in Delaware, but get out and vote wherever you are. I trust most anyone reading this either already has or will…