Everyone should read this article by Scott Raab of Esquire Magazine- especially all you Kucinich-haters.

From the opening paragraph:

So when I tell you that Dennis Kucinich is first of all a sane, sane man, and secondly, fit to be president — and thirdly: It’s Kucinich time, now, because what this blue-balled, war-thwacked nation needs is not another scleroid corporate whore but a sixty-one-year-old vegan peacemonger, poor beyond corruption and honest as spit, hauling balls big enough to both choke Dick Cheney and keep a smile like a woozy kitten’s on the love-lit face of a twenty-nine-year-old heartthrob wife; and if not now, when? and if not Dennis, who?

The author, originally from Cleveland, does a great job describing his home town and how Dennis fits into it. He also adds his own opinion and insight with great quotes like this:

Truth is, I’m proud of the guy. Electable or no, homeboy’s talking presidential smack and getting laid. They probably even do it tantric style — lifting Kucinich to interstitial pleasure planes no Clevelander, East or West, has visited before.