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Here’s the thing about Poole and company that is funny – well, the first most funny thing is Patrick actually thinks the Columbus Mayor’s race is close. PP, my brother. Get some political instincts before coming at me with that claptrap. Learn how to read tea leaves. That race was over before it began. In your wildest circle jerk fantasy with Naugle would this be the outcome. Not in the real world, bro. But look on the bright side. You’ll still remain somewhat relevant to the wingnut mouth-breathing clan while beating up on the Mayor.

Poole and company traffic in the fear Cenk talks about. PPoo has even claimed that Columbus, OH is the center of the jihadi world! No, really. We should all run away screaming and suport a war in Iran. Simple, right? Of course, the only “news outlet” that would run Poole’s “terrorism analysis” is The Christian Broadcasting Network. No agenda there whatsoever! Nope. None. LOL. You have to laugh to keep from crying!

Uygur confirms in his commentary something we don’t remind ourselves of often enough. As Progressives and Liberals, we argue from positions of strength. Not faux “we’ll bomb your ass into oblivion” strength, but true strength. If this administration or a Democrat who wants to lead the next one wants to change this self-serving frame of “Islamofascim” they’ll begin by speaking in terms of the true strength of the American Way.

We DO negotiate with enemies. We DO NOT attempt to keep our citizens in a constant state of fear in order to justify war and incredibly high “defense” budgets. We DO NOT alter our basic systems of governance in order to cower to such fear and give a monarchical executive branch incredible new unchecked powers. We DO project an image of tough, but fair. Not hostile and insufferable.

Islamofascism is a wingnut Republican buzzword. One meant to conjure up images of brigades of Muslim soldiers marching down the square getting ready to invade Long Island. There are no such boogeymen. The only thing we have to fear is the fear and loathing accompanying such nonsense. Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror, which has converted us from a thoughtful world power into a bully on the world stage. My only hope is that we nominate a candidate for President who will reverse this thinking and use of language. Is it 11/08 yet?

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