The AP is reporting that “Mitt Romney recently discussed the possibility of linking financial aid to students’ perspective career choices.”

“I like the idea of linking the level of support that we’re able to provide to young people going to college to the contributions they’re going to make to our society.”

It sounds like a good idea on the surface- but really opens up a whole new set of questions like:

Who is going to decide which career choices are worthy of funding?

Does a person with a degree in Business contribute more to society than a person with an Art degree?

And what about the many kids who enter college with Undecided as their major?

  • You beat me to the punch… Its bad enough the income tax is so damn totalitarian in its use as a took for social engineering….but you are absolutely right… Now the Repubs want to use Educational Welfare to extend even more control over the economy, as it encourages and discourages politically correct career choices.

    Republicans: Working to Sovietize America!

  • If you are undecided you should have to PAY more in taxes. Make up your damned mind already! 😉

  • “Sovietize America” is exactly what I thought when I heard this comment.

    Nyet, comrade. You may not attend medical school.

    WE have decided that there are too many doctors and, for the good of society, you will be an accountant.

  • So Mitt Romney is a socialist? Who’da thunk it?

  • Matt N.

    Question: Does a person with a degree in Business contribute more to society than a person with an Art degree?

    Answer: Yes.

  • And what about a Theology degree or a POLITICAL SCIENCE degree?

    Lord knows we need more of those!

  • dirtgirl

    Um, didn’t Husted/Harris/Strickland already do this with the $100 million in the budget for science & math scholarships? I didn’t hear anybody crying then.

    Undergraduate business degrees aren’t very useful, but more computer scientists and engineers would be nice. This isn’t that different from how graduate school works. My PhD chemistry program was tuition-free and came with a teaching (later research) stipend. I wouldn’t have gotten that for poetry. Certainly we can still loan people money to get their theatre/art undergrads but I see nothing wrong with throwing more cash assistance (grants, scholarships) to people going into much-needed disciplines.

  • And how do we handle it when a student gets a tuition-free degree in, say, chemistry and then that person decides they don’t actually want to be a chemist?

  • #8: That one’s easy. Make them go into politics! 😉

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