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PB Late Night Theater: Sour Times

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Unbelievable. First the PeeDee and now THIS! Jerid has the details on how the Columbus Dispatch is sitting on a massive story that would bring the Republican Summer of Love to a shattering climax. It seems Bill Todd is rumored to be suffering from an incurable case of Dendrophilia. What’s that you might ask? Well…um. It’s kinda hard to explain. I’ll just blurt it out: Mr. Todd is allegedly a tree fucker.

I hope Mr. Todd will seek immediate treatment if this story is true. I can understand why the Dispatch does not want to print such a story. […]

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The Politics of Parsing (Video)

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The AP is reporting that “Mitt Romney recently discussed the possibility of linking financial aid to students’ perspective career choices.”

“I like the idea of linking the level of support that we’re able to provide to young people going to college to the contributions they’re going to make to our society.”

It sounds like a good idea on the surface- but really opens up a whole new set of questions like:

Who is going to decide which career choices are worthy of funding?

Does a person with a degree in Business contribute more to society than a person […]

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