So says Scott Pullins in a recent interview with Campaigns & Elections magazine.

Here’s Scott’s answer to the question: “Who are the five most important people to know in Ohio?“…

“I think the most important people to know are online consultant bloggers. I especially think it is important for me to know Republican bloggers like Natt Naugle. People in the Ohio bloggers’ alliance are important. In my line of work, it is also important to know consultants like Rex Elsass and Joe King.”

In a related story, BSB is reporting that Scott has been banned from RAB by Matt Naugle.

  • For your benefit I wish that they printed what I had really said. I named every Ohio blogger I know including Brian Rothenberg and Jerid Kurtz.

  • Modern Esquire

    What about a shout out for the anonymous homies?

  • I banned myself from RABid without ever having gone there. Why bother?

  • #3: Because, Dave. It’s the “most influential Republican website”. Did you not know this? 😉

  • Much love to Modern! How’s that?

  • “In a related story, BSB is reporting that Scott has been banned from RAB by Matt Naugle.”


  • Scott Pullsit is a self promoting, idiot asshole blow hard. Wasn’t he the coffee boy for some famous politician before?

    Funny Matt banned him – now he has no friends!

  • Fair enough.

    So I’ll be in Cleveland during the week of thanksgiving if you wanna go fishing.

  • Joe,

    Your on for fishing! Does God of Plunder fish?

    Anybody ever notice Pullins initials – SAP aint that the truth!

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