When you start referring overtly to “MoveOn.org bloggers” and “CodePink protestors”…well, the stage hook can’t be far behind now can it? Exit…stage right!

Matthew posts with an “Amen, Mr. President“. Dude did always have a nose for a sinking ship.

I’m still sitting here wondering wtf a MoveOn.org blogger is. LOL. I think George got a couple of tubes crossed up. He should spend more time LOOKING for Osama bin Laden and less time worrying about MoveOn.org or CodePink. Hard to believe he would say the “OBL” word! I mean, it’s only been 2,242 since 9/11 and he’s still AT LARGE!

Unreal. And way too easy.

In hindsight, this might be his third or fourth attempt at the jump. I’m just surprised he didn’t invoke NAMBLA. ROFL!