Columbus Alive! has a published a couple of pretty good interviews with Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman and his Republican challenger Bill Todd.

Todd actually did pretty well- especially with his common-sense answer to the curbside recycling question.

Q: Many residents have questioned why trash pickup is free, but curbside recycling is not. Does a 21st-century city offer free recycling?

Todd’s answer:

Talk about a disincentive to being environmentally friendly, when you charge somebody to recycle yet we don’t charge them for trash collection. So people throw stuff away instead of recycling. The incentives have to be switched around completely.

I 100% agree with Bill on this. It’s ridiculous that I have to PAY every month for recycling- but the city will pick up my trash for free.

Anyway- Bill should have stopped while he was ahead.

Instead, he got tripped up on the basics of alternative energy with his answer to the next question…

Q: Are there other eco-friendly ideas you’d examine as mayor?

Todd responded that the city’s landfill could “produce enough methane gas to power every school bus in Central Ohio. The way you would do it is through biodiesel. [It’s] an underappreciated natural resource, because you can take the methane and combine it with other biomaterials from the landfills and actually generate biodiesel fuel with it.

Well- he was partially right.

You CAN power busses with the methane (aka Natural Gas) captured from the landfills.

Actually, COTA already has busses running on Natural Gas.

Or you can make electricity from it- like they are already doing at the Columbus city landfills.

Biodiesel, on the other hand, is made from vegetable oils or animal fats and has nothing to do with landfills.