From the daily archives: Thursday, November 1, 2007

Columbus Alive! has a published a couple of pretty good interviews with Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman and his Republican challenger Bill Todd.

Todd actually did pretty well- especially with his common-sense answer to the curbside recycling question.

Q: Many residents have questioned why trash pickup is free, but curbside recycling is not. Does a 21st-century city offer free recycling?

Todd’s answer:

Talk about a disincentive to being environmentally friendly, when you charge somebody to recycle yet we don’t charge them for trash collection. So people throw stuff away instead of recycling. The incentives have to be switched […]

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When you start referring overtly to “ bloggers” and “CodePink protestors”…well, the stage hook can’t be far behind now can it? Exit…stage right!

Matthew posts with an “Amen, Mr. President“. Dude did always have a nose for a sinking ship.

I’m still sitting here wondering wtf a blogger is. LOL. I think George got a couple of tubes crossed up. He should spend more time LOOKING for Osama bin Laden and less time worrying about or CodePink. Hard to believe he would say the “OBL” word! I mean, it’s only been 2,242 since 9/11 […]

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So says Scott Pullins in a recent interview with Campaigns & Elections magazine.

Here’s Scott’s answer to the question: “Who are the five most important people to know in Ohio?“…

“I think the most important people to know are online consultant bloggers. I especially think it is important for me to know Republican bloggers like Natt Naugle. People in the Ohio bloggers’ alliance are important. In my line of work, it is also important to know consultants like Rex Elsass and Joe King.”

In a related story, BSB is reporting that Scott has been banned from RAB by […]

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Show your support at ActBlue and help Sack Steve!

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God Hates Fred Phelps

On November 1, 2007 By

Fred Phelps is a horrible, horrible person.

His anti-gay rhetroric makes guys like Rod Parsley and Ken Blackwell look like a couple of reasonable guys.

You’ve seen Fred and his gay-bashing bunch on TV picketing military funerals- his people holding signs reading “God hates fags” and “AIDS cures fags”.

Yesterday in Baltimore, Fred Phelps got his comeuppance in the form of “a $2.9 million verdict against the Phelps family of Topeka and their homophobe Westboro Baptist Church, a Kansas church that picketed the funeral of a Maryland Marine killed in an auto accident in Iraq last year.”

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