Sorry for the deviation into personal stuff, but this is important to me – and I’m pretty devastated. If I don’t post for a while, you can assume I’m taking another spontaneous mental health sabbatical.

Buddy And Ozzy

A picture of my dogs, Buddy (left) and Ozzy (right). This was taken last January, just a week or two prior to Ozzy herniating a disc in his back and being paralyzed. We put Ozzy to sleep today – he just recently started exhibiting signs of extreme pain, and x-rays showed a calcified disc above his paralysis, and he didn’t react well to steroids after his emergency disc surgery. So we decided to do the only thing guaranteed to end his pain.

  • Man, so sorry to hear that. My dad had to put his 16 year old Yorkie down recently and I spent her last week with her – and him. I’m sad for you.

    I will admit that after only seeing the headline I was freaking out thinking Ozzy Osbourne died. Then I was like “I don’t think Brian is that big a fan of Ozzy…”

    Best on your grieving.

  • Sorry Eric – that didn’t even occur to me. Tho I do like Mr. Osbourne. Ozzy had his name when we got him a few years ago from the dog rescue, and we decided to keep it (and reckoned he was named after the Black Sabbath frontman).

    Since he suffered his paralysis 9 months ago, I’ve never sat here at home alone. And yet here I am. It’s depressing.

    The poor dog had a hard life – he had been tied outside for a long time when the rescue got him, and he had a nasty cut on his leg. We think he had been suffering from back pain for a very long time. At least we were able to give him a happy home, and probably get him as healthy as he’s ever been. The fact that he’s been incontinent for the past 9 months was an inconvenience. But his screams of pain – post surgery and last night – were heartbreaking. I’m glad we were able to find a solution that ended his pain, but I wish we could have found a solution that kept him with us. I only wish he could have lived until 16 – we don’t know how old he was, but the guess is only 5 years old or so.

    Oddly enough, I’m finding writing about it cathartic. So I guess I’m not too sorry about putting it on the blog.

  • Thanks indeed for sharing. The intermittent personal stuff is one thing I do enjoy about blogging. Again. Sorry for your loss.

  • Sorry to hear it, Brian. Not much more one can say. As a very good friend of two dogs whom I live with, I wish you well.

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