The “Wide Shut” project will now either die or become purely wingnut…either of which will render it useless. Jill has resigned:

Earlier today, I resigned as a freelance blogger for the Wide Open blog. Jean Dubail gave me the choice to post about my decision, or let him do it. I decided to write about it, and that?s why this post is here.

You can read the rest at Jill’s place, but she does agree with me that the mad experiment is over:

This experiment is, in my estimation, over. It may continue on, but it will be something else, some other experiment because every reader will know that every one who blogs here has restraints hanging over them, just like traditional journalists, restraints which Jeff and I reject as tolerable in what is suppose to be a Wide Open forum.

A fitting end, really. Kudos to Jill for doing the right thing. She won’t be a bit sorry. If Dave Stacy or Nixguy and Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog had any integrity at all as bloggers they’d follow suit. They’re probably somewhere foaming at the mouth at the prospect of creating their own little pajamas media party at the PeeDee…