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Day 2

Poynter: Liberal Bloggers Depart Plain Dealer Over Campaign Contribution, Political Pressure

Mother Jones: Cleveland Plain-Dealer Fires Blogger After Congressman Complains MJ says:

In the end, the newspaper valued its relationship with a congressman more than it valued one of its employees. Simple as that.

Think Progress: Rep. LaTourette pressured paper to fire blogger

ePluribus Media: Political Blogger Claims Ohio Cong. LaTourette Pressured Cleveland Plain Dealer to Fire Him

Ohio Daily Blog: Let’s Be Clear About What Happened and Why (Important update from Jeff on the situation. It is clear the PeeDee bowed to the pressure of LaTourette. It is going to be excruciatingly hard for Susan to continue to deny this)

Wide Shut: Jeff Coryell’s departure

BizzyBlog: Since ?Everybody? Is Wondering (and Before Y?all Die of Boredom Looking) Tom Blumer of Bizzyblog is the firs of the remaining Wide Shut bloggers to comment – that I can tell. Blumer doesn’t comment on the issue really and his post can be translated to a more familiar “Blah blah blah blah blah” – save you some time. No word on his resignation in protest of a fellow partisan blogger’s unfair termination.

Inside The Northwest Territory: Kudos to Yellow Dog

The Daily Bellwether: The Plain Dealer And Jeff Coryell: Ohio’s Largest Newspaper Acted Properly

Weapons of Mass Distraction: Plain Dealer Fires “Premiere” Blogger Because a RINO Complained (Starfleet Commander – CEO – Matt Hurley, still stinging from not being consider a “premiere blogger” I guess “breaks it down for us”.

Bad American: Plain Dealer Not Dealing in Truth

Have Coffee Will Write: THOUGHTS ON JEFF CORYELL AND WIDE OPEN? (I’ve been waiting for Hess’ take and I think he’s spot on about the closing of Wide Shut and the unwillingness of any left leaning bloggers to take on this madness)

BSB: Jean Dubail Calls BSB on Alleged Political Firing

WritesLikeSheTalks: Plain Dealer?s Wide Open experiment, 1.0, shuts its doors (Jill resigns and agrees with me the experiment is over)

BizzyBlog: The Jeff Coryell-PD-Wide Open Thing

Ohio Valley Politics: Plain Dealer Bashing Goes Bi-Partisan

Psychobilly Democrat: Blog Wide Shut: Shuttering Should Be Imminent

Ohio Valley Politics: Jill Miller Zimon Leaves Wide Open

Daily Bellwether: OH-14 Steve LaTourette: No Pressure From GOP Congressman In Dem Blogger Firing