Voices as disparate as Chris Baker and Matt Naugle have already called for it and I will echo those sentiments. The Wide Open experiment is over. They failed. Steve LaTourette jerked and the PeeDee blinked. Game over. There will be no more credibility in the failed experiment.

Baker is, as one might expect, on point:

The right thing to do for Jeff’s fellow Wide Open bloggers is to resign. The actions by the Plain Dealer have proven the exercise to be a farce. Before last years Governor’s race I had a lot of respect for NixGuy and BizzyBlog, and as I like to say, it’s never to late to do the right thing.

Add my voice to what I hope will be a loud chorus of those who think the right thing for the remaining bloggers to do is resign in protest and continue their blogging where they began. Most of the good stuff was cross posted anyways.

Let it die in dignity. RIP “Wide Shut”.