Update 2: Comment left below by dave (aka Dave Stacy, David Stacy, Nixguy, and Dave) indicates he is not the David Stacy linked in the below update having given money to Jim Petro or OHIOANS FOR WILDLIFE CONSERVATION COMMITTEE. Maybe Mr. Stacy can clear up who he has donated money to in the past so that Jean DuBail can decide whether or not to keep him on in his current paid blogging role at the PeeDee.

Update: Maybe Jean DuBail will fire “Dave” (aka “Nixguy”, aka David Stacy) for having contributed $50 to Jim Petro in 1999 and also having commented on a Democrat Governor on many occasions. Or has the Governor’s office not jumped up and down enough?

From Jeff at Ohio Daily Blog (we liked you there better anyways):

Today I was terminated from my engagement as a freelance blogger at the Cleveland.com blog “Wide Open” as a direct result of intervention of Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Bainbridge Township) of the 14th Ohio Congressional District, in retaliation for my previous blogging about his re-election campaign and my financial support for two of his election opponents.

I wonder who they will hire to replace Jeff’s valiant attempts to stem the tide of the Widen Open cesspool of wingnutia? Has the grand experiment failed? Will dead tree media be able to finally get it’s hands around that pesky blogosphere, or does this spell the end of that attempt?

Much more on this later. I’ve been wanting to weigh in on this for some time now. Stay tuned.

This from Jeff should put to rest any notion of “Wide Open”:

Today Dubail called me and asked if I would agree to never write about LaTourette on “Wide Open,” as a condition of my continued participation. He said that the arrangement was sought by Susan Goldberg, Editor of the Plain Dealer. When I declined to agree that I would never write about LaTourette on “Wide Open,” I was terminated by DuBail.

Wide Shut. Cased Closed.

Yo PeeDee:


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  • Let’s see, Plunder, Ohio Valley, PBD, and BFD…boys, I do believe we found ourselves a raison de storm.

  • Eric think about it, read through my archives. and consider whether I would be the type of guy to give Jim Petro $.50 let alone $5.00. And Voinovich too! As if!

    Ya think there might be more than one Dave Stacy in all of Ohio?

  • #4: So who have you given to if that’s not you? I did doubt the wildlife conservation thing. 😉 Thanks for clearing that up.

    Did you disclose any political contributions you have made in the past to the PeeDee? Will you here now? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Also, what do you think of the firing? Will you stay on knowing that you could get shit canned at the drop of an incumbent phone call?

  • To my knowledge no one disclosed anything when we were hired. And no not the wildlife conservation thing, that should have been your first clue 😉 I’ll certainly say more later, but I think for now, out of courtesy I’ll give Jean Dubail and the rest of the folks time to respond first.

  • #6: So you will not publicly disclose any current candidate you may or may not have given money to at this time?

  • I will disclose (since you asked) that I have never given money to any politician currently or in the past, Republican or Democrat. I’m reluctant to say this, because I think it diverts from the issue at hand, but since everyone now thinks they’ve got me in a “gotcha” moment, I might as well clear that up.

  • #8: No gotcha. You cleared that up thankfully. I appreciate that. I was unaware of your namesake(s). I had to once clear up that I wasn’t a terrorist with some Freepers. Try that one on. Whoah buddy!

    It does detract some, but is also a part of the issue at hand. Is other forms of partisanship off limits when it comes to firing Wide Shut bloggers?

    I’m wondering also in the spirit of bloggerhood if you’ll resign in protest from Wide Shut over the treatment of a fellow (albeit other side of the aisle) political blogger? Yes? No? Maybe?

  • Spirit of bloggerhood? what does that mean? 🙂 For that I’m going to ask for a timeout and point back to #6 and say let’s give the PD time to respond. This all just went down today, and Jeff obviously works in internet time (like you and I) whereas the PD staff does not.

  • #10: So no plans to resign. Gotcha. I don’t blame ya. Hell, it’s gonna be Wingnutville over there at Wide Shut. You’ll be a hero!

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