…and to think I figured I’d have to wait until tomorrow for this. 😉

Jeff has a new post up about new PeeDee Editor Susan Goldberg’s attempt to ‘splain it all away. There is so much goodness in here it is truly hard to believe. I just want to point you to one little nugget. Susan says:

We didn’t bow to any political pressure. Had we known that he had contributed to the opponent of a person he was writing about, we wouldn’t have hired him in the first place. Once we learned of the issue, we asked him not to write about the congressman he opposed. When he refused, we decided that we couldn’t pay him any longer to blog for us. That said, he is of course welcome (along with every other blogger in the universe) to say whatever he wants about anyone he wants. But the standards are our’s – not imposed on us by any outsiders. We, and everyone else, continue to wade into this, learning new things every step of the way.

My bold above is actual political codespeak for: “Once the campaign jumped up and down and screamed like a spoiled toddler…”. It is also translated from the bullshit into: “Once we learned a powerful political incumbent wanted to kneecap a blogger…”

Just who the fuck do you think they “learned of the issue” from? Hmmm? Anyone seeing a pattern here? More on that later. Much more.

I’ll leave the rest for later and for you to discuss…