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Update: [squelch] Breaker 1-9. Looks like we got us a Blogswarm! [/squelch]

Looking for a way to make your voice heard? Give to LaTourette’s opponent Bill O’Neill (there is also his main ActBlue page), who must indeed have a smile on his face right now. Bill has always been a champion of the blogosphere and his oppenent is looking like the grinch who stole free speech right about now.

A running roundup of the commentary revolving the firing of lefty blogger Jeff Coryell from the PeeDee’s failed experiment Wide Open (now referrred to as Wide Shut):

Ohio Daily Blog: BREAKING: Congressman LaTourette Gets Blogger Fired From “Wide Open” (The original Coryell post)

Plunderbund: Wide Shut: PeeDee Fires Lefty Blogger

BSB: PeeDee Slams Credibility Down Shitter; Fires Blogger

Psychobilly Democrat: The Meddling of a Congressman

BFD: George Nemeth: Well, that was fast (best haiku yet: “The PeeD cans one of it?s Wide Open bloggers. Probably should think about re-branding it?”)

Callahan’s Cleveland Diary: Plain Dealer fires Wide Open blogger to appease LaTourette

Kos: OH-14: LaTourette (R) Gets Blogger Fired From Newspaper-Sponsored Group Blog (Login and Reccomend. Thread blowin’ up!

MyDD: OH-14: LaTourette (R) Gets Blogger Fired From Newspaper-Sponsored Group Blog

Pho: Not as Wide Open as We Were Led to Believe

Left of Ohio: The Plain Dealer Shoots Itself In The Foot

As Ohio Goes: OH-15 Latorette Commands Plain Dealer to Stop Blogger

Bad American: Its Worse – Plain Dealer Fires Jeff Coryell from Wide Open Blog!!

ODP: GOP Rep. LaTourette gets blogger fired; platform now includes the suppression of free speech

Glass City Jungle: Cleveland Plain Dealer fires political blogger for being?political?

Right Angle Blog: Jean DuBail & Susan Goldberg Can Jeff Coryell

Swing State Project: OH-14: LaTourette (R) Gets Blogger Fired From Newspaper-Sponsored Group Blog

Media Giraffe: ETHICS: Cleveland editor draws line at blogger contributing to congressman’s opponent

Weapons of Mass Distraction: I Guess I Should Have Said FORMER Wide Open Blogger… – containing probably the dumbest commentary from the Preacher Mark

The Daily Bellwether: Splitsville In Cleveland: A Marriage Of MSM And Blogs Ends In Bitter Divorce (Sloat has about the best take thus far and is summed up in the three letter DUH!)

The Semantic Caucus: An Obfuscated Dealer (Chris Baker, with great commentary on Tom Blumer and Dave Stacy’s disgusting Ted Strickland NAMBLA hacking)

As Ohio Goes: Other WideOpen Bloggers Political Contributions (Cindy asks good questions that I bet don’t get answered)

Keeler Political Report: I have been busy throwing together this week’s Carnival of Ohio…

Psychobilly Democrat: Blog Wide Shut: Of Contributions, Recriminations, and Coy Aversions

Note: This is going to be exhausting. I don’t think tomorrow will be any better. Any volunteers? LOL.

If you see any more (or write any), add them in comments and we’ll keep it rolling. should be good for about a week. Might even end up pinning this! Go PeeDee go!