I’ll admit that I am biased. I like to play poker and it’s a long drive to the closest casinos in Indiana.

So yes- my reasons for wanting a casino in Ohio are pretty selfish.

That said- I was pretty excited when I heard about plans to build a $600 million casino resort in Clinton County.

The plan actually sounds pretty cool and, in addition to a “full upscale casino”, it also includes:

* a world class resort with a 5 star hotel
* top design golf course
* international, full service Spa
* 5 star gourmet restaurants and casual eating
* Full scale convention facility
* Live entertainment and theater.
* 2nd phase of project will highlight a NASCAR super speedway.

So far so good.

Then I went to website for the group proposing the casino: MyOhioNow.com.

I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time! The site is horrible! You have to scroll down FOREVER to find any information. And the information that is there looks like it was just cut-and-pasted in from random sources.

Here’s what it looks like:


That’s just the first page- and it only gets worse from there.

Listen up, MyOhioNow.com: you better spend a little money on web design if you want to convince people you are serious!

  • For Joseph:

    I appreciate your criticism of our site.Our prpject is very real and fully funded. It will be on the ballot in November of 2008.

    However, you are write, we are not web designers. We have accumulated many facts and links and posted them to our site. We are afraid of getting too slickk. But maybe we will take your advice and seek a web designer.

    Actually I was quite interested in hearing your thoughts and critique. However, you were the first to note that. I would like to hear any ideas you may have.

    Thanks again.

    Rick Lertzman

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  • “However, you are write, we are not web designers”.

    Ok, I can accept that. But you are not “write” in your use of the English language.

  • Lorana M. Kelly

    I am thrilled at the possibility of a casino coming to Ohio. On my way to the casino in Indiana, i have observed the numerous cars in front and back of me with Ohio lincense plates. If people enjoy the games casinos provide, why shouldn’t Ohio benefit from the revenue they bring in?

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