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The Ohio Money Tree is still bearing fruit. Data is current as of last month too I hear. Turns out 4 PeeDee employees have given to political campaigns. Two are writers. How wide and how deep does Goldberg want this to go? We haven’t even begun to have fun with spouse names in case they are playing big games. Are we having fun yet?

Oh, and speaking of scrub a dub dub. Susan might wanna have Jean rewrite this. I’m sure it doesn’t apply anymore:

WIDE OPEN will be a no-holds-barred discussion of Ohio politics we hope to […]

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Even though Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has pretty much closed the door on Issue 1, the Christofascists at Citizens for Community Values are still urging readers of their website to Vote Yes.

According to CCV.ORG: “there is still a slight possibility that the issue could qualify for an official vote”

The Dispatch agrees: “Technically (although chances are slim, slim, slim) the issue could still be certified for the ballot.”

I returned my absentee ballot last week. Issue 1 was included on the back of the ballot and I used a big, black pen to circle NO.

I […]

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…and to think I figured I’d have to wait until tomorrow for this. 😉

Jeff has a new post up about new PeeDee Editor Susan Goldberg’s attempt to ‘splain it all away. There is so much goodness in here it is truly hard to believe. I just want to point you to one little nugget. Susan says:

We didn’t bow to any political pressure. Had we known that he had contributed to the opponent of a person he was writing about, we wouldn’t have hired him in the first place. Once we learned of the issue, we asked him […]

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ONN is reporting that Governor Ted Strickland is going to appoint Mary Wiseman to replace Montgomry County Common Pleas Court Judge John Kessler.

Wiseman, a former Dayton city commissioner, is being called “Ohio’s first openly gay judge.”

Officials with gay rights group Equality Ohio say Wiseman’s appointment makes state history.

Forty-five-year-old Wiseman says she’s proud if the gay community sees her as a role model and says she believes the rest of society can grow more comfortable about gays and lesbians in public office.

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I’m pinning this to the top as well as clipping. Click through “Continue Reading” for the entire list!

Update: [squelch] Breaker 1-9. Looks like we got us a Blogswarm! [/squelch]

Looking for a way to make your voice heard? Give to LaTourette’s opponent Bill O’Neill (there is also his main ActBlue page), who must indeed have a smile on his face right now. Bill has always been a champion of the blogosphere and his oppenent is looking like the grinch who stole free speech right about now.

A running roundup of the commentary revolving the firing of lefty […]

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American Exceptionalism

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American prominence on the world stage has not been due to some issue of “national character”; our people are not inherently different than people anywhere else in the world. But we have, in the past, had better educational resources, and a greater emphasis on science and engineering. But no longer.

Back in September, I wrote that America is out of touch and behind the times on climate change and economic reform. It is mired in a stagnant war that the rest of the west has abandoned or is abandoning. American global influence is in decline, the country having lost […]

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Update 2: Comment left below by dave (aka Dave Stacy, David Stacy, Nixguy, and Dave) indicates he is not the David Stacy linked in the below update having given money to Jim Petro or OHIOANS FOR WILDLIFE CONSERVATION COMMITTEE. Maybe Mr. Stacy can clear up who he has donated money to in the past so that Jean DuBail can decide whether or not to keep him on in his current paid blogging role at the PeeDee.

Update: Maybe Jean DuBail will fire “Dave” (aka “Nixguy”, aka David Stacy) for having contributed $50 to Jim Petro in 1999 and […]

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Islamofascism Awareness Week

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David Horowitz spoke at Columbia University during “Islamofascism Awareness Week”.

What a tool.

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EMILY’s List announced their endorsement today for Mary Jo Kilroy in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District:

EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest political action committee and financial resource for women running for elective office, today announced its endorsement of Mary Jo Kilroy in her bid for Ohio?s fifteenth congressional district.

?Mary Jo Kilroy is a dedicated, no-nonsense public servant of Ohio,? said Ellen R. Malcolm, president of EMILY?s List. ?She has a history of addressing difficult issues with a realistic, practical vision and with the help of bipartisan and community support. EMILY?s List is excited to extend the full support of […]

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I’ll admit that I am biased. I like to play poker and it’s a long drive to the closest casinos in Indiana.

So yes- my reasons for wanting a casino in Ohio are pretty selfish.

That said- I was pretty excited when I heard about plans to build a $600 million casino resort in Clinton County.

The plan actually sounds pretty cool and, in addition to a “full upscale casino”, it also includes:

* a world class resort with a 5 star hotel
* top design golf course
* international, full service Spa
* 5 star […]

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YouTube Tuesdays – 1776

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