AFP is reporting that 152 dolphins have washed up on Iran’s coast this month- in what they are calling a “mysterious ‘mass-suicide'”.

Everyone seems to have a different explanation- from drowning by fishing nets to oil spills to poisoning by polluted fish.

I have another theory that may sound somewhat conspiratorial- but just as believable: the dolphins where killed by the sonar from a US Navy Submarine operating in the Persian Gulf.

According to the National Resources Defence Council there is “broad scientific consensus that military active sonar kills whales” and other marine mammals like dolphins.

The NRDC claims that “mass strandings and deaths associated with military activities and active sonar have occurred in Madeira (2000), Greece (1996), the U.S. Virgin Islands (1998, 1999), the Canary Islands (1985, 1988, 1989, 2002, 2004), the northwest coast of the United States (2003) and coastal waters off North Carolina (2005)”.

I’m guessing we’ll soon be adding Iran to that list.