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I Am Legend

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Holy crap, this looks good.

What can I say? I’m a fan of Will Smith, and of post-apocalyptic stories.

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The right wants to label every Democrat a “Tax and Spend” liberal- but lately Ted Strickland has shown us just how wrong they are.

On 10/24/07 Strickland announced a 4.2 percent decrease in income tax withholding rates for 2008.

On 10/25/07 the Governor announced that “as many as 788,000 homeowners stand to receive hundreds of dollars worth of property tax relief on bills payable next year.”

And today Strickland announced a deal to sell $5B in tobacco bonds. According to the Governor: ?The tobacco bond sale allowed us to invest in tax cuts for our seniors and […]

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The Evolution of a Clock

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Some created a clever little simulation of how a smashed watch could evolve into complicated clocks without a “designer” – if clocks could breed and mutate the same as living organisms.

It’s actually quite clever, and shows why “transitional organisms” wouldn’t necessarily show up in a fossil record. Hat tip to Pharyngula, who points out that, ironically, biological clocks exist in nature. Evolution is an astonishing thing.

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An AP poll release this morning finds Hillary Rodham Clinton “the top choice when people are asked which major 2008 presidential candidate would make the scariest Halloween costume.”

Thirty-seven percent in an Associated Press-Ipsos survey this month chose the New York senator, the front-runner among Democratic presidential contenders. Fourteen percent selected former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who leads Republicans in national polls.

Personally, I find the Hillary mask…

Much less scary than John Kerry…

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AFP is reporting that 152 dolphins have washed up on Iran’s coast this month- in what they are calling a “mysterious ‘mass-suicide’”.

Everyone seems to have a different explanation- from drowning by fishing nets to oil spills to poisoning by polluted fish.

I have another theory that may sound somewhat conspiratorial- but just as believable: the dolphins where killed by the sonar from a US Navy Submarine operating in the Persian Gulf.

According to the National Resources Defence Council there is “broad scientific consensus that military active sonar kills whales” and other marine mammals like dolphins.

The NRDC […]

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