Governor Ted Strickland signed House Bill 177 into law this morning effectively outlawing “‘skill?based’ amusement machines that provide cash payouts or prizes worth more than $10.”

But it’s not all bad news for Ohio’s gamblers…

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that a “Cleveland-based group wants to build a $600 million casino resort off Interstate 71 in Clinton County” and they are “are expected to propose ballot language for a statewide constitutional amendment legalizing a single casino.”

And, if you can’t wait for that to happen- you’ll be happy to hear that West Virginia’s Mountaineer Race Track & Gaming Resort just opened a 37-table poker room. Mountaineer is about an hour a half from Cleveland.

  • I am so ignoring this. For now. Sigh.

  • Which part are you ignoring, Jill?

    I’ll admit I voted against the slot-machines-at-racetracks thing last time around because it only helped out a few, already-rich people and didn’t do much for the state.

    But I would totally support a REAL gambling initialite like the one in Pennsylvania that has brought the state billions of dollars.

  • dirtgirl

    Joe, the loss of rip-off slot machines lookalikes is NOT a loss for gamblers. Unless you just like feeding money into a machine and having it go bye-bye with no actual skill involved, let’s say good riddance to Tic Tac Fruit.

    Does the I-71 casino involve more than slots? I hate the idea of amending the constitution for only a single casino in the state, but it’s a hell of a lot better than doing it for even a hundred slots parlors.

  • I agree- it’s silly that we have to amend the constitution for this.

    But at least with this amendment we are GIVING people the right to do something as opposed to taking it away (like we did with that ridiculous marriage amendment).

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