I missed this story last week- but it seems worth mentioning even if I am a little late.

A jury has awarded nearly $6 million to a Canal Winchester couple, holding World Harvest Church and a substitute teacher there liable for a spanking incident at its day care last year.

The World Harvest Church, as you probably know, is run by televangelist and religious charlatan Rod Parsley.

The incident occured at the World Harvest-Run Cuddle Care Preschool when a teacher beat the shit out of a two year old student with a ruler.

And, while I do think the amount seems somewhat high, I also know that his mega-church can afford it- and I pray that maybe the loss of $6 Million will put a serious dent in Parsley’s ability to spread his gay-hating, wingnut message.

At the very least, it should prevent him from buying another million-dollar home or another private jet.

(thanks to PO for reminding me of this)