The Toledo Blade is reporting that:

The director of a now-closed West Toledo charter school and her husband owe the state nearly $120,000 for unaccounted taxpayer money, according to a special audit released yesterday by the Ohio Auditor’s Office.

Kari DiCianni was fired in January as executive director of the Performing Arts School of Metropolitan Toledo (PASMT), and the state auditor’s office was asked to investigate financial management by her and her husband, Bill DiCianni.

The audit conducted by Mary Taylor’s office was for the time period of July, 2006 through February, 2007.

Plunderbund researchers have discovered that the DiCiannis filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy on July 19, 2006- while she was still director of the school!

The DiCiannis’ bankruptcy case was dismissed on November 14th of that same year. Which leaves me wondering: where did they get the money to pay their creditors?

It sounds to me like Kari and Bill DiCianni were having some serious financial problems at home- and they decided the best solution was to steal from their tax payer-funded charter school.

Not surprisingly, it turned out to be much too easy.

Not only did Kari and William DiCianni pay themselves an extra $53,037 that they didn’t deserve, they also used students to help rip off the school for another $48,250.

According to the auditor’s report, “payments were made directly to certain students allegedly for work they performed for William DiCianni on behalf of PASMT. During interviews, students stated that they cashed the checks and returned the cash to Mr. DiCianni. The students received a portion of the returned cash as payment for his or her services.”

This is just one more example of the problems with Ohio’s charter school system- a system that drains vital resources away from our public schools and allows dishonest school owners to steal money from Ohio’s tax payers.

  • Consider this comment an open invitation to the wingnut taxpayer police to express their outrage. Fire away guys and gals!

  • Kristin

    I’m afraid you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about as far as thinking they should steal to take care of financial problems at home. They had financial problems at home BECAUSE of everything they did for the school. But it’s easier to think the worst of people isn’t it?

  • It sounds like you might have more information that we do, Kristin.

    I don’t know Kari and Bill DiCianni personally- I was just quoting the information in the auditor’s report and in the paper.

    I’d certainly like to hear your side of the story if you want to comment.

  • Mary

    I know Kari & Bill DiCianni personally–this is not their first rodeo. Check public records in Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee.

  • But it sounds like this will certainly be their last now that William DiCianni has been “arraigned for writing bad checks, forgery, grand theft and money laundering” in Lucas County.

    full story

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  • Steven

    I knew Kari in a bad way. My daughter was class validictorian for her graduating class. Kari refused to let her give her graduating speech because my daughter wanted to address some of the issues going on at the time. She even threatened to have me arrested when I voiced my opinion.
    As class president my daughter was involved in many fund raising events. The students never received any of the money. Kari said it had to go to the school because they had financial difficulties. The monies were raised by the students for student projects and they never got to see any of it. Now I know why.

  • So it sounds like Kari got off easy!

  • Alissa

    Sounds like none of you know how dirty the Toledo law enforcement is.
    And as far as the father threatened to get arrested….I was there that day…maybe you should of handled yourself in a more professional manner!!!!!!! Review your facts….most of your information is horribly wrong.

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