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Nebraska Billionaires for Hillary

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From the wonderfully hillarious new Fox Business Channel:

Someday soon, Warren Buffett may have to apply his legendary stock-picking skills to the candidates clamoring for his endorsement in the 2008 presidential race. For now, the plainspoken Nebraska billionaire appears to be enjoying his role as an unaffiliated kingmaker, raising money for Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton while promising to do the same for her chief rival, Barack Obama. He’s even heaped praise on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently left the Republican Party and might join the race as an independent.

“As the markets often would follow Buffett’s investments, […]

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The Dispatch reports that Bill Todd’s campaign aides “got aggressive” with city employees after a Hilltop-area pastor wouldn’t allow Todd and his people to film a political commercial in his church.

According to a city worker, Todd’s people started “grabbing at their identification badges and accusing them of campaigning for the mayor on city time.”

The Rev. Augusto Abila, pastor of Roca de la Salvacion church on W. Broad Street, said “we don’t make politics in the church” as his reason for denying access to Todd and his film crew.

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Sen. David Vitter ( of D.C. Madam phone list fame ) pulled the $100K he was trying to give to a religious group to develop a plan for science-based education in his Louisiana.


Madam President, I rise
today to discuss a project I sponsored
in the fiscal year 2008 Labor, Health,
Human Services and Education appropriations
bill. The project, which would
develop a plan to promote better
science-based education in Ouachita
Parish by the Louisiana Family
Forum, has raised concerns among
some that its intention […]

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